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Tori Hindson, MPT

Physical Therapist

  • Physical Therapist

  • Masters in Exercise Science

  • Craniosacral Therapist

  • Visceral Physical Therapist

  • Yoga Teacher - Nosara

  • Practitioner of somato-emotional release, Reiki, and Respectful Confrontation

Tori Hindson, MPT

Speciality areas: holistic manual therapy, fascial release and transformation, intuition, craniosacral therapy, Reiki, 


A letter from Tori:

For me, the best part of my job is the relationships I form with you, the patient/client. I love getting to know you, connecting with you, and together creating a specific plan that allows us to facilitate transformation. I am an excellent listener and one of my super powers is holding space for transformation to occur whether that be physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual. My intention is always to create a calm and grounded space where one feels safe to drive into the deeper crevices of themself and realize that they have all of the wisdom inside of them to heal to the deepest level desired. I see myself as simply a conscious conduit to promote and facilitate that process. I combine my keen knowledge of the body with our collective intuitive wisdom to lead to the best possible outcome for your wellbeing and health. I look forward to our journey together!

My other favorite things....playing with my kids (8yr old boy, 14 yr old girl), being in nature, hiking, yoga, dancing, meditating, sitting in sacred circles, family, gardening, trying new things, camping, traveling, 

Random interesting fact....Tori skied on a water-ski team during her summers in college where she climbed to the top of pyramids and barefoot skied.

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