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65+ Wellness Physical Therapy

Because there’s more to healthcare than disease-care; especially in the golden hour of life (the best part!)

What is Wellness Physical Therapy 65+?

Looking for a professional who truly knows how to prevent decline, optimize your physical and mental health, and will work with you one on one including feel-good manual therapies?

You’ve come to the right place.

Did you know that as a medicare beneficiary you are ONLY allowed to see a Physical Therapist if you have EACH of these 4 items?:  a pathology/diagnosis, high levels of pain, loss of function, AND a doctor's referral?  So….what do you do if you want expert care before you get to that point or without the visit to the MD for a prescription?  Or expert specialty services to compliment an existing PT plan of care elsewhere?

With a Vitam 65+ Doctor of Physical Therapy on your side, you are investing  in yourself (the most valuable retirement account you have!).  As a group, we have  intentionally chosen to NOT participate in medicare because of the large number of our clients who demand more than medicare-imposed limitations and who prioritize prevention and wellness.

This investment pays dividends right back in to YOU so you can live the life you love (we call that being truly wealthy :-).

How it works

  • Each session is a full hour with only you and your Doctor of Physical Therapy (It’s like 4 sessions in one; Amen to that!).  This allows us to create a holistic experience where you have time to explain & understand, figure out problems/goals, receive customized program prescription,  and receive relaxing and relieving hands-on care & specialty therapies.

  • Movement, energy management, sleep, stress management (including pain reduction), hydration/nutrition, and restorative manual therapies are some of the most powerful organic medicines we have -  proven to maintain/restore health more than medications can. They positively alter how all organs (including the brain!) adapt & thrive.

  • We review any pertinent medical records, labs, and medications so we can safely design treatment for you.

  • Travel, garden, sleep, walk, ride, hike, play, dance, love, relax, and poop.  We can help you do all of this confidently and with greater ease. (Who doesn’t love a good, easy poop?!)

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I’ve never been a fan of traditional Physical Therapy. THIS is a competently different experience and every visit is an uplifting treat. I’m so glad I have a team of experts to help me through the years where no one else can.

The Vitam (service) experience:

Our strategic, balanced, integrative Wellness Physical Therapy approach includes:
  • Knowing when other modalities need to be brought in to remediate pain and improve life force energy flow.

  • Understanding that sometimes the last thing you need is more overload.

  • Removing barriers to progress & optimizing restoration

  • Recognizing signs that may call for blood work, imaging, or referral to a specialis.

  • Being your doctors for life. No injury or pain required to come and see us!

Preparing for your session:

  • Bring a change of loose fitting clothes including clean socks, shorts and a top.

  • You will need to be able to  rest and move and we will need to see how you move - shoulder blades, knees and all!

  • Be well hydrated and have a snack before for best results

  • Be sure to update us with any recent doctor visit reports or medication changes

We  promise:

  • Your session will be informative, relaxing and rejuvenating.

  • To combine your words and intuition with our hands, eyes, experience, intuition, and education - to guide your unique 1:1 session

We look forward to treating you. 
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Wellness PT is particularly helpful in treating or supporting:


  • Sleep medicine

  • Exercise for appetite

  • Nutrition/hydration

  • Exercise for strength

  • Cellular communication

  • Care for fatigue & healing

  • Energy conservation

Mental & Brain Health

  • Mental clarity

  • Cognition

  • Self-care w grief & caregiving

  • Confidence w trips/events

  • Depression & loneliness

  • Stress

Healthy Tissues

  • Bone density

  • Digestion

  • Nerves

  • Joints

  • Fascia & connective tissue

  • Muscular

  • Lymphatic

Healthy Systems

  • Balance via eyes

  • Balance via inner ears

  • Balance via proprioception/control

  • Digestion

  • Nervous

  • Cardiovascular

  • Endocrine


We’ve got answers. 

Phone: 209-830-1668


We’ll help you learn more. 
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