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Compassion Cultivation Training

Activate your own compassionate nature as a powerful force in your everyday life


Fall 2020 Registration Now Open

  • Tuesdays - October 13 - December 8 2020 (skip 11/24).  7-9 PM

  • 8-week program designed by Stanford School of Medicine.  It is designed to develop the qualities of compassion, empathy, and kindnesss for oneself and for others.

  • The course integrates evidence-based meditation techniques, interactive discussions, and lectures as well as real-world exercises to put learning into practice.

  • Instructor:  Winston Cheyney, Certified CCT Instructor, RN, BS, husband, father, decades of experience as a critical care nurse and medical professional educator.

  • All sessions virtual via Zoom.

Improve your personal relationships

Support health, happiness, and well-­­being

Reduce stress, depression, and anxiety

Make a positive difference in the world

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Restorative Yoga

Fall 2020 Class Coming Soon!

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Fine Wine and Financials

4-week session with Ally Pearson, DPT and Financial Coach, designed to empower you financially and have fun (and wine) while doing so! 

Fall 2020 Class Coming Soon!

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Yoga & Core Strength for Spinal Health

(group assignment based on results of 20’ consultation with a physical therapist)


  1. Segmental stability - for those with one or more vertebral junctions that tend to sprain or “go out” 1-several times per year. 

  2. Wise Spine - for those spines that have more life, wisdom and “miles” to them.  Great for arthritis and disc degeneration

  3. Disc Health - for those who tend towards or have had pain from a disc issue (herniation, bulge).  Great for those 40 and under who sit and bend forward frequently.


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"In the end it’s not the number of years in your life that count; it's the life in your years."  - Abraham Lincoln