Habit & Behavior Change

Learn from an Integrative Health Coach tips to truly change our habits for the better.  Learn the many areas of life that can be shifted (career, relationships, spirituality, restoration, movement, nutrition, etc).  Learn how to hear your truth of which areas are really calling for your attention and how simplification and routine can cause huge shifts and build momentum for more.  Meet Jennifer and learn how coaching can support you.

Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

A gentle and restorative 7-day cleanse to boost Agni (fire) and rid Ama (unusable substances).  Includes diet, herbs, specialized gentle yoga, daily routine, preparation.

Heal-Thy Libido and Sex Life

The integrative approach to improved connection, props and support for all kinds of bodies (post surgical, etc.), improved life force energy.

Integrative Approach to Digestion

Constipation, appetite, sudden urges.  What we eat is a big factor, but there are many other considerable factors that aid in optimal digestion & digestive comfort.  Learn tips from a visceral Physical Therapist & exercise specialist, an Ayurvedic clinician, and an integrative health coach.

Mental sharpness, memory, attention, and organization

Learn tips from an Occupational Therapist, Integrative and Mental Health Coach and Physical Therapist on what you can do and what we can do for you to keep that brain youthful!

Joint Pain & Inflammation

Learn from a Physical Therapist and an Ayurvedic clinician factors that may be contributing to pain in one or many joints & what can be done for it. 

Calming the Nervous System

Learn from a Physical Therapist, Ayurvedic Clinician, and Integrative Health Coach about the science of nervous system “tone” and how to shift it to support your lifestyle.

The Minimum Amount of Exercise

Join a Physical Therapist and exercise specialist to learn the minimum amount of weekly exercises - type, intensity, frequency, duration - to maintain health as you age.

I Sit and It Doesn’t Show

Learn tips and exercises to help our bodies and mind given the increased time we spend with technology and sitting.


Yoga & Core Strength for Spinal Health

(group assignment based on results of 20’ consultation with a physical therapist)


  1. Segmental stability - for those with one or more vertebral junctions that tend to sprain or “go out” 1-several times per year. 

  2. Wise Spine - for those spines that have more life, wisdom and “miles” to them.  Great for arthritis and disc degeneration

  3. Disc Health - for those who tend towards or have had pain from a disc issue (herniation, bulge).  Great for those 40 and under who sit and bend forward frequently.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Description here

Restorative Yoga

Description here

Rise, Mobilize and Optimize Potential

Cultivating a peaceful yet powerful morning routine to wake your body and mind and optimize your day.


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