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Transitioning from Summer to Fall & Chinese Medicine: Energetics, Pro-tips and Remedies

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

~ Optimally, Organically, Naturally~

Using the wisdom of Chinese Medicine

In our modern-day culture and in Western/conventional medicine not a whole lot changes in terms of recommendations for health as seasons change.

In the more ancient wisdom of Eastern medicines, which have stood the test of time, how we live and approach our days as seasons change is integral to our vitality and our life force (and feeling good!!).

There’s so much we can do to feel our best today & to thrive through the Fall and Winter Season; organically & naturally.

Fall is a time of year that marks the transition from the abundance of sunlight, warmth and ecstatic yang energy of constant activities during the summer to the more yin, resting, cold and internal work during the winter.

The element associated with Fall in Chinese medicine is metal. The element of metal relates to motion downward and inward (such as the force of gravity), dryness, the rational mind, and also relates to the minerals that compose the earth. Metal can be cutting in nature (as a sword), yet can be remolded and reshaped. We see the action of metal in the fall as the leaves on the trees dry up, fall off and the energy of the tree moves downward into the roots to conserve energy for winter.

The most prevalent pathologies or dis-easees that can happen in human beings during this metal time of year can occur when we attempt to stop the natural flow of our energy downward and inward.

Many of us SO LOVE the abundance and activity of summer… and we don’t want to let it go.

But keeping our energy at the surface through the fall season leaves us vulnerable - notably - vulnerable to colds and allergies.

We can remedy this by concentrating two major things:

Rest & Immunity

"When we draw our qi, energy, life force, vitality IN ......we protect and fortify our surface."

Follow these pro-tips

Get plenty of rest, good sleep equals good immune system health

Try not to cover up with a jacket until you absolutely can’t stand the cold, as this encourages a movement of your Qi, or energy, to move inward

Begin intake of warming foods and drinks such as soups and herbal teas

Spend time in nature so that your body is in the rhythm of your surroundings

Embrace the “going within” energy with restarting a meditation or movement meditation (like yoga or Qigong) practice

Intake of medicinal mushrooms is perfect for the fall! Any combination of Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, Cordyceps, or Turkey Tail mushroom varieties will boost the immune system and assist in the transition to winter; mushroom powder is great to add into tea or coffee beverages.

Here’s one of our favorite mushroom teas! We’re hooked!

Get a boost with an Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine session:

Acupuncture treatments boost the immune system, facilitate optimal rest, and facilitates drawing Qi inward.

We recommend 1 session/month for wellness maintenance. So good!!!

Chinese Medicine, herbs, diet and/or lifestyle changes may also be prescribed to support your unique constitution and presentation.


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Carpe Vitam!!

(seize the life!)

Written by Drs. Jackie Schrempp Baumann & Kathleen Berg

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