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Spring Allergies & Outdoor Exercise

Runny nose, itchy eyes & throat, sneezing, congestion, cough, nasal drip, and even bloated belly and itchy red skin can be uncomfortable and annoying ailments this time of year. They can definitely put a damper on how we enjoy our Springtime days.

But who wants to stay inside on those first sunny warm days?!

If you suffer from allergies in the Spring but LOVE being outside.... Good news!!

There's much Integrative Medicines can do to help,

In this post we are sharing some tips and resources to help you get outside and exercise, recreate, soak in nature all while minimizing allergic reactions.


Tips & resources to minimize allergies with outdoor exercise and recreation:

Strategize WHEN to be active outdoors

  • First thing in the morning may be best. The morning dew settles the pollen and other allergens and oftentimes the wind hasn’t set in yet.

  • After the rain is also ideal. The moisture keeps the pollen and allergens from circulating.

  • Avoid dry and windy weather - as irritants will be in highest concentrations in the air.

  • Plan ahead: Check your local allergy tracker for a pollen forecast (if pollen is the irritant - common but not always). In the Boise area? Check the Boise 5-day pollen forecast here.

Strategize the TYPE of activity

  • New activity and/or higher intensity activity can be irritating to the respiratory pathways - even without allergies. Try activities that keep you breath frequency at a lower rate. Try walking cycling or walking longer but slower - or - prioritize lower intensity self-investments like yoga, stretching, or strength training.

Pre-Workout Preparation

  • Be hydrated. Dry eyes, skin, nose, and throat are more prone to irritation. Extra Credit! Drink water with raw, local honey (unheated) and lemon water first thing in the morning.

  • Practice Oleation: Oleation is the practice of using oil to hold moisture in and protect skin and respiratory surfaces. Nasya Oil is an Ayurvedic oil/practice used for centuries to help soothe & protect the sinuses and help them flush out allergens.

Post Exercise/Workout Considerations:

  • Change clothes right after a workout to clean, allergen-free clothes.

  • Shower after being active outside to rinse the allergens off your skin - inhale the steam through nose and mouth and deep into lungs to hydrate and soothe.

  • Consider breathing essential oils to congestion - Eucalyptus Oil is the most effective. Go to your local store and look for organic blends to assure it is organic.

    • Here is a breathe easy blend that is a roll-on from a reputable company.

    • Or check out this awesome find!! Shower tablets offered by Boise's local company Press and Still.


Allergy Relief! customized specifically for you!

  • Ayurvedic Medicine views allergy symptoms as a type of imbalance in the body (there are 3 different imbalances that each cause different symptoms).

  • Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can dramatically reduce or even eliminate seasonal allergies with herbs, needles, nutritional therapies to clear blockages that lead to allergic reactions.

  • Specialty Bodywork and Massage

  • In Eastern Medicine there is a theory that too much pressure in and on the body can contribute to allergies. Book a specialty massage session to ease overall pressure.

  • Craniosacral Therapy can address and shift sinus congestion, drainage and headache.

  • Physical Therapy can also address sinus congestion and drainage and teach self drainage options at home using Gua Sha or Dry Brushing in a specific pattern.

  • Schedule a consultation online or contact us to book a consultation to see how we can best help!

  • Naturopathic Medicine. A Naturopathic Medical Doctor can help figure out other variables triggering allergies AND they have all kinds of lovely organic & natural herbs and plant medicines they can prescribe to help your specific symptoms.


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