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Cleanses, Spring, and the Ayurvedic Perspective

Curious about doing a cleanse?

A refreshing approach from Vitam's Ayurvedic Clinician & Occupational Therapist, Desiree Moores MOTR/L, RYT-500, LMT

In recent years cleanses are becoming more & more popular in the US. In other areas of the world, however, cleanses have been a mainstay of health for thousands of years.

Ayurveda, the ancient healing system from India, uses cleansing as a powerful healing tool to assist with getting to the root of disease challenges. Pancha Karma, meaning the 5 cleansing actions, is used still today throughout India, with many clinics assisting people with deep seated chronic ailments. There are also some locations in the US that utilize traditional Pancha Karma modalities. When done correctly, with a skilled practitioner, these cleanses can be highly effective. If one is experiencing a chronic disease, visiting one of these clinics where you can be monitored daily is the best practice for addressing your cleansing needs.

Others, who are generally healthy, want to optimize health, and want want to level up their energy could benefit from a more gentle form of cleansing. Ayurvedic cleansing comes in many forms, but the power lies in the individualized approach. There are many cleanse protocols and cleansing kits out there for home cleanses and group cleanses. But how do you know what is right for you?

While it is often tempting to jump into a cleanse after reading about the benefits, working with a skilled practitioner is key to determine an individualized protocol. There are also some helpful preliminary questions to ask yourself to determine if a cleanse might be right for you.

Is it the right time of the year?

In Ayurveda, Springtime is often the prime time for cleansing. This means when the weather is not too cold and not too hot. Thus, early and even mid spring may not be the best time in Idaho, when temperatures and weather patterns are fluctuating. Opting for late spring is optimal in this climate.

Do I have the energy for this?

Cleansing takes energy for your body. If you are feeling exhausted due to burnout and stress this is likely not the right time. You may want to visit an Ayurvedic practitioner to determine a protocol to build energy, strength and stamina prior to cleansing.

If you are feeling more sleepy and sluggish, while still getting plenty and rest, and not feeling overly stressed. Cleansing now could be more appropriate, as it might be Ama, or toxins in the body that are contributing to this and a cleanse can assist with eliminating this. Again, a skilled practitioner could provide valuable insight for how to move forward.

Do I have the time to commit to this?

Ayurvedic cleansing uses a combination of herbs, lifestyle changes, routines, movements, foods, and bodywork. It takes at least 1 week of preparation, one week of actual cleanse and 1 week of recovery. Then following this with recommendation to slowly move back into your routine and reintroduce your more common foods.

Are my organs functioning optimally to support a cleanse?

When cleansing it is important to ensure your liver and digestive system are functioning effectively. Otherwise, it can lead to ineffective cleansing and may cause more challenges for you.


If you’re feeling like this year is the year to begin your cleanse or to begin getting ready for a cleanse, call or email us to schedule an Ayurvedic assessment with Idaho's only certified & registered Ayurvedic specialist, Desiree Moores. We’ll design a customized plan based on where you are and how you'd like to feel; using both ancient wisdom and modern medicine. Spots are very limited!


Interested in a cleanse/reset but not Ayurveda?

Eastern Medicine and Acupuncture also have recommended and prescribed various cleanses, based on individualized status, for thousands of years. Naturopathic Medical Doctors also will prescribe targeted cleanses based on symptoms and diagnoses. See Dr. Jackie Schrempp for information on these approaches!

ALSO!! Exercise and movement is SO oftentimes overlooked and is extremely important for cleansing the body. If something is preventing you from getting your SWEAT on come see a Doctor of Physical Therapy! We're the pros who can get you moving and sweating. SO purifying.

Appointments available now!



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