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Molly Downey, Pa-C

Energy Healer and Intuitive

  • Energy Healer

  • Physician Assistant (PA-C) with a background in family medicine, sleep, and addiction

  • Practitioner of energy healing, vibrational medicine, psychic coaching, Healing Touch, Reiki and energy coaching

  • Intuitive

  • Yoga & meditation instructor

Molly Downey, Pa-C

Molly has worked in modern medicine as a physician assistant since 2014.  Over the past decade, she moved from primary rural practice to specialty care involving sleep and addiction medicine. 

She has taken several intuitive and energy courses including: vibrational medicine, psychic coaching, mediumship courses, various energy courses including Healing Touch, Reiki and energy coaching.  After utilizing energy healing to cure herself from a chronic illness that was “incurable” by modern medical standards, she was inspired to offer this healing modality to patients. 

She has been offering energy healing and psychic connection to patients for several years with great success.  A session with Molly is truly unique and transformative.  She utilizes her skills in vibrational medicine, combined with reiki and healing touch to create a high vibrational healing space.  Patients will feel deeply relaxed, safe and grounded.  From this elevated space, patients can connect to their higher self, which is where healing truly begins.  Molly also uses her connection to the multisensory universe to offer guidance to support the change that is needed to move forward and heal in one’s life.


Who can energy medicine help?

Literally anyone and everyone. Energy sessions promote health and pain relief by allowing your body’s energy to move in its natural flow, and removing blockages. There is always an energetic connection to a problem, and our bodies have all the clues to help us learn.  

An Energy Session with Molly will look like this:

  1. Reading of energy (chakras and auric fields); this is done prior to the session.

  2. Discussion of patient’s concerns–any mental, health or emotional issues.  We will discuss the energy reading and any correlations.

  3. Energy session on massage table.  Molly uses light touch to move energy to higher states of frequency and health.

  4. Session completed with grounding techniques.  Feeling of lightness and pure joy of living in the present moment.

Molly finds joy in being out in nature, having spent several years as a raft guide and ski patroller.  She also enjoys spending time with her two children, who are teaching her more than she signed up for.  To sum it up–she loves child-like wonderment, quick-witted humor and a really good cup of espresso.

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