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Exercise Prescription From Doctors Of Physical Therapy

Safe, Sustainable, Intelligent

Fitness where it matters.

Tackle that next big event.  Prepare for the trip of a lifetime.  Elevate your body and mind.  Achieve a healthy weight in a sustainable way.  Change your abilities for decades to come. 


Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are trained to prescribe a fitness routine based on your desires and starting points. Maybe you want to start a new activity like running, biking, skiing, hiking or pickball. Or maybe you want to improve what you’re already doing—or simply develop the habit of exercise.

Whatever your goals, we’ll start with an extensive assessment. And then we’ll design an individualized routine that is fun, safe, and helps prevent injury and burnout. We’ll include the types of exercises you like, dial in the intensity and duration, and start moving you towards your goals!


We really listen to what you want and to what makes you feel good.  

Our open, expert, integrative approach includes: 
  • Bringing in supportive modalities like massage, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, and the science of nutrition and recovery.  

  • Working alongside a naturopathic physician for help with tests or prescriptions.

  • Working with your current healthcare plan, diagnoses, prescription medicines, and doctors. 

  • Being your doctors for life. Our health and fitness change over the years and we can help you evolve to the next level.

We promise:

  • Your session will be relaxing and rejuvenating. We don’t believe in “no pain, no gain.”

  • To combine your words & intuition with our hands, eyes, experience, intuition, and education—to guide your unique 1:1 session.

Our Specialty Areas:

Base training
Mesocycle & macrocycle design
Endurance training
Race prep & support
Running coaching

Cycling coaching

Healthy weight

Sustainable weight loss
Fitness & injury prevention
Fitness & aging

Mental health (anxiety, depression)

Holistic program design

Strength training
Flexibility training
Functional training

Exercise with medication considerations

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After the stress of COVID, I was more tired and overweight than ever. And I felt totally done with “punishing myself” with some strict plan. The team at Vitam developed a plan to support my adrenals and hormone levels —Ayurvedic herbs to remove stagnant energy, acupuncture to restore vitality, and PT for a sustainable, effective, and enjoyable movement plan.

Vitam Client
We look forward to treating you. 
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Existing Clients


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We’ve got answers. 

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