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Coming Soon in 2022!

Online courses and classes to teach you all about Organic Integrative Medicines and complementary/alternative health care options.  


"I want more options than pharmaceutical medications.  I want a holistic approach.  I want to know how to make sustainable changes.  I no longer want to just put a band-aid over my symptoms, I want to address what my body is telling me and get my body the help it needs and I don't want to waste my time and money trying an approach that doesn't resonate wit me."   


Yes!! We hear you and we are answering the call.

We are building a library with hundreds of 15-20 minute videos to learn how these practitioners and what we call "Organic Integrative Medicines" can help.   So enlightening, time-saving, affirming, and helpful!


Upcoming Topics:


Short videos to learn what to expect with appointment with each of these practitioners. Learn how they can help, what their approach is, FAQ, and helpful tips to optimize your ZZZs. 


  • Naturopathic Medicine and Sleep

  • Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Sleep

  • Ayurvedic Medicine and Sleep

  • Bodywork and Sleep

  • Occupational Therapy and Sleep

  • Physical Therapy, Fitness, and Sleep

  • Sleep and 55+

  • Purchase the Sleep Bundle (includes all 7 videos).


Osteoporosis, Osteopenia 

Digestive Issues, Digestive Health

Sexual Health 

Depression, Anxiety, and Organic Integrative Medicines

Save a ton of time and money, gain a lot of knowledge, take control of your healthcare options. 

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