Kathy Berg at Vitam Physical Therapy has been a great resource for patient referrals for our doctors at Boise Natural Health Clinic.  She takes her time with patients and listens well. She integrates a variety of therapy modalities and respects the whole person approach we value.  Most importantly she consistently has success treating all manner of physical problems.

Joan Haynes, NMD

I have referred patients to Kathleen Berg PT  at Vitam for many years and found her ability to help with a wide variety of pain and recovery issues to be excellent. She gives each patient her full attention, using a blend of science based knowledge and intuitive reading of the patient to find the best combination of therapies.  She has many tools in her toolbox and uses them well.

Gail Eberharter Rankin MD

I have seen Kathleen Berg, PT at Vitam for an unstable back after a ski injury and at a later time for a frozen shoulder.  She is the best PT I have ever worked with and helped me make a complete recovery in both these challenging areas. I especially appreciate her abilities to relieve pain with a variety of methods and inspire patience in the course of treatment.  I recommend her personally without reservation.


It is hard to explain and it is truly something you will have to experience for yourself. Dr. Kathy Berg’s approach is different. I felt relief the first visit and I improved with every visit. Not only did I gain full mobility in both shoulders but Kathy’s PT saved me thousands of dollars in medical bills and down time from work. My shoulders got better, and my well being improved. So much gratitude for the healing.


In my medical practice, I often work collaboratively with physical therapists and other practitioners to address challenging cases. Kathleen Berg has been able to help with some of my toughest patients. She has a rare combination of training, experience, and virtuosity she brings to all of her patient encounters. Together with her genuine warmth and peaceful demeanor, these attributes make her a talented, natural healer. I recommend Vitam to anyone looking for skilled, compassionate care. 

Christopher Peine, DO

 I had integrative health coaching for 5 visits with Jennifer. I’d done years of counseling and journaling prior to working with her & experienced change internally but not necessarily externally.  In just 2 months my life pivoted and in a huge way. She helped me see the steps I wanted to take to get to where I wanted to go with less fear. She helped me have compassion & respect for myself, my career, and my many obligations.  She made a complex transition in my life seem clear with profound results. I recommend working with her without hesitation.


I’ve had SO much fun learning more about Ayurvedic Medicine and working with Desiree at Vitam.  She has a way of taking this complex, ancient system for healing and vitality and describing in a way that makes so much sense. I’ve learned numerous things that make a huge impact on my vitality and health that I had never considered.  My digestion, skin, and mood have improved considerably. Ayurveda was a life changing approach for me. Also, Desiree is a true healer. The bodywork and energy work modalities she blends are heavenly.


The environment at Vitam is peaceful and calming which is the perfect atmosphere for healing and recovering. I felt very cared for during my course of PT. Kathy’s approach to therapy is holistic and personalized. She listened to what I wanted to do in my daily life. With this information she tailored my PT sessions to the things that were important in my life. She offered sound advice for balancing therapy, exercise and rest to help me achieve recovery. My pain symptoms were less after just one session. 


I had been diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon with frozen shoulders and for shoulder surgery. I could not raise my elbows above my shoulders. The surgeon recommended PT. I went to 2 clinics and had several appointments and made little progress.  I then decided to visit Vitam. The approach was completely different. It’s truly something you have to experience for yourself. Dr. Berg’s approach is different. I felt significant relief on the first visit and I improved with every visit. Not only did I gain full mobility in both shoulders but Kathy’s PT saved me thousands of dollars in medical bills and down time from work. My shoulders got better, and my well being improved. So much gratitude for the healing.


I have suffered from severe knee pain for years and consequently have slowed down and become obese and weak.  Too weak and overweight for a knee replacement so my surgeon referred me to a physical therapy place in town 2-3 times per week for 8-weeks.  I have a high deductible and spent thousands of dollars and a lot of time doing exercises and ultrasound while lying on a table. I didn’t get anywhere.  I was frustrated. I had heard of Vitam so decided to travel to Boise. Wow. Just 2 visits and I learned so much. I learned how to activate my muscles in a whole new way.  I could actually get out of a chair with greater ease. We took a video of how I was walking. After seeing that I was immediately able to reduce pain and stress on my whole leg.  We talked about managing my emotions, energy, diet, inflammation and getting additional support. Now I have a plan. I feel stronger. Even more so, however, I have hope and was able to give my family hope.  Vitam is a completely different experience and value. Thank you!! 


I have received treatment for several issues from Dr. Berg and the Vitam staff over the years. I have a background in therapeutic movement and yoga, so it is important to me that my healthcare providers approach treatment in a holistic way. Kathleen treats me as whole person, not just focusing on one site of injury, or a place of pain. I always feel like going to physical therapy is a gift to my body, and Kathleen is a gentle and wise presence I can count on to facilitate not only my healing process, but also my connection with my body. Kathleen is dedicated to making Vitam a warm and inviting place that nurtures people anywhere on their healing path. I enthusiastically recommend Vitam to people who need physical therapy, especially when they've "tried everything" and can't get relief. Kathleen's extensive knowledge and unique approach to physical therapy, along with what I call her "magic hands", make for a truly unique and effective healing experience.


My family and I have been seeing Kathy off and on for the past couple of years.  I am amazed how professional and matter of fact she is. She got right to the source of my pain and in short order I was good to go.  I would not hesitate to recommend Kathy and VITAM to everyone!


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